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museum I

 shang (martini glass)
 chan (egg cup)
 kuei (porcelain tray)
 pi (jewelry)
 tsung I (jewelry)
 tsung II (non drop ring)

"Old is New" gift design for National Palace Museum in Taipei
Emperor Ritual series
Jadis was invited by
National Palace Museum in Taipei
for Museum's 80th anniversary.
The design concept came from
emperor's ritual tools for feasts or toys
in ancient China.
Several pieces were presented,
which includes martini glass, egg cup,
porcelain tray, non drop ring, and
some titanium jewelries.
All these pieces were crafted to
synthesize the boldness of
avant-garde design and
the resplendent effervescence
of the oriental culture.
This series has become top sellers
for tourists as souvenir from
National Palace Museum in Taipei.