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Phone strap design for SAMSUNG Anycall

Inspired by the oriental civilization,
Jadis Cheng created a fresh
interpretation of ancient celestial
animals for the present age.
This series is the combination of
two types of material to represent
the Four Symbols : Blue Dragon,
White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and
Black Tortoise.
To match four types of metal-cold
mobiles, Jadis created
an unique and modern look
for each one of them.
Reflecting individual style,
each piece of this series has its own
particular definition of character.
Blue Dragon
The design concept stems from the
moral of a dragon ascending the pillar. The cylinder's surface is crafted
on a cambered shape
symbolized the dragon scale.
White Tiger
White Tiger implies the meaning of
gearing up.
Designed from the construct of the
geometric where the rubber and
the aluminum alloy interlaced,
symbolizes white tiger's pattern.
Vermilion Bird
Red Sparrow means reborn.
The design concept for this piece
evolves from the moral of phoenix,
which was oviparous and born in the
nest waiting for a soaring flight.
Black Tortoise
Black Tortoise implies consolidation.
The hexagon shape is an abstraction
of the Tortoise.
With a hard and solid shell,
it springs up the courage to
regain determination.