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brand story

In 3060,
archeologists unearth piles of
pre-historic artifacts and find out that
people in that time were able to
use various meaningful symbols
and clear-cut lines to record
contemporary cultures and memories.
Those people were able to
exploit rare metals, such as
titanium, aluminum-magnesium alloy,
and high-quality stainless steel,
to illustrate craft aesthetics
with well-designed artifacts.
These antiques, labeled [DGB-21],
are named with the brand
signifying 21st CENTRY
when they were produced.
According to scholars, these artifacts
are largely comprised of jewelries,
which indicates that
the society in that time
was highly civilized and developed.
In particular,
the signs upon these artifacts
can be traced back to a culture
from 3500 years ago,
a fact makes people believe that
DESIGNBURG is a vital key evidence
to the civilization inherent
in metal design artifacts industry
ever in the history.