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Jadis Cheng
was born in Taiwan in 1973.
Focusing on the lighting
and interior design in his younger age,
with experience of furniture
customization projects in 2000,
Jadis met TITANIUM and
was significantly inspired to start
his path of contemporary crafts design.
Those experiences facilitated Jadis
to found DESIGNBURG in 2001
and then commenced his career and
excellent capability in crossover design
with other bold materials
such as stainless steel, crystal,
rare rocks, walnut wood,
mirror-surfaced leather
and other unique materials.
He transformed
the oriental accessory design
into the post-modernism of
cutting-edge technology craft.
His works
also include a strong sense of
numerous industrial designs
and artistic practical designs.
He won the 2nd place
in the kettle design of
2001 ALESSI design competition.
Since then,
he has also been an active participant
in various international exhibitions.
In 2005, Jadis Cheng was invited
by National Palace Museum in Taipei
for the project [Old is New].
Jadis Cheng’s artworks
do not just stay at the [concept] level.
his philosophy is aimed
to enter people's life
by striking a balance
between commercialization and artistry.
In addition,
Jadis Cheng seeks
to include more value-added features
into his designs
so they can be promoted to
everywhere in the world.
As a designer,
Jadis Cheng keeps pursuing to
inject vibrancy into his works
for making connection with art
and most importantly, people’s life.