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[Big Bang and Wormhole] Hui & Ying ( pendant / cufflink )

The form of this titanium cufflink is inspired by some of the most amazing astrophysical theories such as the Big Bang and wormholes. The vast and beautiful universe implies one’s aspiration to excel and expand. The form of those revolving balls and the reflective concaved points each represents a supportive family and a successful person it stands behind, and with which he or she shares the glory.

The patented connecting mechanism of the two parts in the cufflink is an innovation that aimed to improve the traditional threaded post connection that does not close cuffs tightly. When a pair of cufflinks is taken apart, the cylindrical-shaped pieces can be worn as pairing pendants for the user and his or her partner.

The cone-shaped part of the cufflink illustrates the formation of the universe in the Big Bang theory, which is described as a massive blast from a single point of matter compressed in a hot and dense state, followed by series of rapid expansion, and then slowed down to its current condition. The pointed center of the face makes it easy for the fingertip to feel therefore apply force to attach it to the center of the cylindrical part. The gentle curvature of the post on the reverse is appropriate for cuffs in various materials, thickness and style.

A wormhole is a theoretical shortened passage between two massively distant points in spacetime. The hollow center at the cylindrical part of the cufflink is metaphorical for a shortened and accelerated route towards success. The moving balls on the side of one of the cylindrical part which never fall out of its orbit, and the reflection of the concaved points on the other cylindrical part are interpreted as the complementing matters in the vast universe.